As Promised: Tasty Thai Tea

Tasty Thai Tea!

Thai (Iced) Tea is one of my favorite things to get from Thai restaurants, and it goes perfectly with a spicy dish of red curry (my all-time favorite food).  It may seem I’m a bit infatuated with Thai cuisine.  Maybe I am.  Nevertheless, I’m so happy I actually made the tea!  This has been on my List of Delicious Exotic Things to Make Someday.  And someday turned out to be sooner than hoped!

So thrilled!  How touching-- putting in the extra effort to make it personal means a lot in this modernized world of ours.

Last week, I ordered the tea from Arbor Teas… desperately hoping it would get here in time for the weekly post!  Thankfully, it did arrive in time (well, that is kind of obvious – the post is here, after all).  I only ordered a small sample, to test out the taste and see if it was a good buy.  The Arbor folks sent a little note with a handwritten greeting and information on how I could use the tea package and then compost it.  Nifty!  And wow.  Just wow.  I was very impressed!

My little package of tea!

Okay, before you head into the kitchen, you MUST take a whiff of the tea while it’s in the package.  The aroma is amazing, it smells SO good.  Coming from me, that should mean a lot.  If you don’t know why, I will tell you sometime.

I looked at the Arbor Tea recipe as well as another found online, found the average, and reduced it to about 1/4 of the averaged recipe.  I was really tired today and needless to say, my head was pretty much spinning by the time I figured out that math!

Here’s what I came up with:

1/4 cup Thai tea
2 cups water
1/4 cup sugar
Evaporated milk for topping the glasses off

Bring water to a boil in a small pot, add tea and simmer – stirring frequently – for 7 minutes.  Strain tea leaves/tea powder from the liquid, rinse the pot out, and transfer liquid back to pot.  Stir in sugar until melted.  Allow tea to cool before pouring over ice and topping with evaporated milk.  Makes 1 cup of Thai Tea.

Evaporated milk amazingness

You can leave the evaporated milk resting on the top layer of the tea, it looks so pretty.  Then just stir it up before you take a sip… and enjoy!

So refreshing.

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